How NBN Is Transforming Australian Businesses

How NBN Is Transforming Australian Businesses

NBN continues to transform Australian businesses. By providing lightning speed and more reliable internet access, NBN helps businesses grow locally and opens more opportunities to compete in the global market. Increased revenue, business expansion and overall customer satisfaction are some of the many positive by-products of NBN.

Why Should You Consider Switching to NBN?

Australia's NBN has become a significant piece of infrastructure since its rollout in 2011, but many are still on the fence about the technology. If you're still unsure whether it will benefit your business, here are a few basic facts about NBN that can give you a nudge to move forward in switching over.

Ultra Fast Speed - NBN offers internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Imagine faster download and upload time and higher productivity for your teams. They could do more with less time.

Greater Bandwidth - More devices can transmit data at a given time. Imagine no connection buffering or congestion even if your team uses multiple devices simultaneously.

Competitive Packages - Apart from reasonable price points, Comvirt offers tailored internet packages for your business. Imagine saving hundreds of dollars on your internet and phone bills because you have all the services you need in one bundle.

It is also important to mention that according to a report on 'Impact of Internet Speed on E-Applications Adoption by Firms in Luxembourg', large and small firms are equally likely to use e-applications, especially in the presence of high internet speeds. With NBN, many Australian businesses within various industries are more compelled to use e-applications, which can help them operate more efficiently in today's age.

How NBN is Transforming Australian Businesses

Shifting to the Cloud

NBN encourages businesses to use the Cloud environment for storing data, accessing software and managing servers. Gone are the days when we needed stick drives and worried about losing files because our computers may crash.

Storing business data on the Cloud offers greater security than keeping them on physical devices. It also provides increased accessibility from anywhere. Overall, shifting to the Cloud environment is a more efficient and cost-effective way of managing data, and it takes your business to the future.

Higher Productivity

With a faster connection, employees can complete essential tasks quicker. They can download and upload massive files in seconds and multitask when necessary. They can generate new leads while sending out emails without waiting for downloads, share content across offices simultaneously and close deals faster by getting back into communication with clients immediately.

Flexible Work

Whilst remote working has been around for years, it received quite a focus during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when lockdowns happened, and companies implemented work-from-home setups. Looking at the current trajectory, many businesses, at a certain scale, will keep the remote work setup in effect.

With NBN, companies' intranet and Cloud-based systems are accessible and allow employees the flexibility to work offsite, practically anywhere they want. It's great for people who travel for work, live further away or for those who tend to be more productive in their home office instead of having a traditional workspace environment.

Better Customer Experience

NBN helps businesses achieve increased overall customer satisfaction. The greater bandwidth and consistent high speeds enable companies to provide their clients with platforms that work seamlessly.

NBN can improve collaboration between employees and lead to more efficient workflows. From all stages of contact with you, NBN enhances customer experience.

Transform Your Business With NBN

Your business deserves the best possible internet connection to help it grow and compete in today's digital market. NBN provides Australian companies with increased opportunities for growth and expansion and improved customer satisfaction.


With super fast internet speeds and more reliable access, switching to NBN is the best choice for any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve. Ready to make the switch? Contact our Australian team today.