Benefits of Using Enterprise Level Internet For Schools

Benefits of Using Enterprise Level Internet For Schools

Technology has changed the way children complete most of their school work. With the arrival of the internet, gone are the days when they must go through thick pages of encyclopedias to research. Today, they can access information with one click through their laptops and other devices.

Schools that have embraced technology have more opportunities to shift into an environment that encourages better collaboration and faster learning. It also provides a more convenient way to improve the entire education system. However, with the number of children, teachers and other employees working together, schools require a more efficient and robust internet connection that can cater to their needs, and upgrading to enterprise level NBN is the answer.

How Can Enterprise Level NBN Benefit Schools

Schools use the internet in many ways, from teaching children to facilitating how schools are run. Comvirt's enterprise grade NBN is ideal for large (which schools technically are) or multi-site businesses. It has super fast speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Bandwidth level can also be set based on the number of users and the purpose of the internet. Here are a few ways schools use the internet and how enterprise NBN can help.


An application that schools can take advantage of, Smartboards lets teachers share notes with students even after class. They can have built in communication tools such as cameras, allowing remote classes. Smartboards also enable students and teachers to create engaging audio visual presentations that stimulate learning.

Cloud Collaboration

Enterprise level NBN allows Cloud Collaboration. Simply put, it means all tasks are done in the Cloud. Here's how it benefits schools:

Operational Side

  • Helps schools reduce IT overheard - With Cloud Collaboration, the provider manages the entire system allowing school IT personnel to attend to more urgent matters.
  • Makes network upgrades, software downloads and other system integration quicker and more convenient
  • Cost effective way to serve the entire population - No need for schools to establish expensive hardware and technology infrastructure.

Education Side

  • Access Everywhere - Students can connect to their school's servers, making collaboration for projects easier.
  • Real Time Learning Support - Teachers can provide support and immediate feedback, share lesson materials, and suggest portals for students to access information.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Particularly relevant to higher education universities, students can bring their own devices, enabling them to do their school work anywhere.

Social Platforms/Social Media

Schools are not using public Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok as primary forms of communication. Instead, they can use third party platforms for educational purposes. Social platforms are beneficial for allowing students access to teachers and finding the resources they need for learning. Social media also encourages inter school partnerships and interactions and provides students with a safe place to engage with their peers.

Enterprise Level Internet Can Help Schools Improve In So Many Ways

Schools that have been quick to embrace technology are reaping the benefits. Faster learning, more collaboration and a better overall education system are just some of the advantages of using technology in the classroom. With the features of enterprise level internet, schools can provide adequate tools to cater to their entire population, making learning for students and teaching for teachers more conducive and effective.