5 Signs You Need To Switch To A Cloud-Based Phone System

5 Signs You Need To Switch To A Cloud-Based Phone System

Is your business still using traditional phones? Whilst it worked well a few years ago, it's now become outdated, especially with customers expecting to receive better and faster services. Fortunately, with technological advancements, Cloud-based phone systems are now available. It's a more efficient and innovative way to run your communications system.

5 Signs You Need to Switch to a Cloud-Based Phone System

Consider getting Cloud-based phone systems when you notice your old phone system is causing these issues in your business.

Limited Productivity and Flexibility

It's necessary to stay competitive in your industry and adapt to a fast paced and ever changing environment. If your current phone system is making it difficult for your business to provide more and better services, consider making a change.

One benefit of Cloud-based phone systems in relation to productivity and flexibility is that it enables your team to work remotely. Productivity will not be hampered. They can continue to communicate, collaborate and complete tasks as long as they have access to fast, reliable internet, such as the National Broadband Network in Australia.

Needing Third Party Technology/Add Ons

As a business, you want to keep your communications system efficient yet simple and hassle free. The Cloud-based phone system offers a one stop shop for all of your business communications needs.

You can use it to integrate and manage call features such as call routing, IVR menu, voice mail, 1300 numbers, video conferencing, VoIP and many more through one portal.

Frequent Maintenance and Downtime

As traditional phones become obsolete, their hardware is more prone to breaking down, affecting your entire operations. Aside from seeking the services of a repair expert, getting parts for conventional phones can be difficult.

Although you can still experience system downtime with Cloud-based phones, they happen at a lesser frequency and scale because the system is not tied up to a physical location; it is internet based. Fixes can be done within the technology. Furthermore, with Comvirt, you have an Australian support team to help with technical issues.

Higher Monthly Bills Due To Needed Upgrades

Traditional phone systems have basic communication features, so they will require upgrades if you want to use more modern communication capabilities. Not only are Cloud-based phone systems an innovative solution to your current communication needs, but they can also perform automatic system updates. Usually, these updates would not incur any additional fees on your bill.

Hinders Your Business From Scaling

As your business grows, so does its need for better communications solutions. With traditional phone systems and their limitations, taking that next step can be challenging and even more costly.

Cloud-based has a lower starter cost, doesn't require expensive equipment or costly maintenance, and is accessible anywhere for your team.

Switch to Cloud Based Phone System to Future Proof Your Business

Going digital is one of the giant leaps that businesses take. As more changes and advancements happen in the coming years, all industries must be ready to adapt and thrive. Switching to Cloud-based phone systems today can help your business scale with ease and provide the products and services with which your customers and clients will be happy.

If you're ready to make the switch, please contact our team.